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Lia - Finding Andromeda

Lia - Finding Andromeda
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IN STOCK. Major Material: Cotton & PU Major Colour: Blue, Baby Blue and White * Fabrics and materials might be slightly different from pictures listed above due to the short supply of fabric in market from time to time. Wig Size: 6 inch I'm Lia. In the eyes of my teachers and other adults, I'm always the sweetest, the shyest and the quietest little girl in the school. But with the help of my grandmother's magical mirror, I am brave enough to face difficult challenges. Tonight, from my backyard, I looked up to see hundred of stars in the sky. Grandma once told me that the stars, in the sky, were all remains of human beings after they die; and together these special stars formed the Galaxy; which collectively acted as the guardian angel watching over the well beings of the living humans in our world today. In order to get a closer look at these guardian stars, I turned to my magical mirror for help. Instantaneously, I was transformed into a "Space Adventurer" and I was launched into space in my own spaceship. In front of me I can see the "Andromeda Galaxy"! Awesome! Items included: 12" Nude doll with make-up, wig, space outfit, underwear set, head-piece, waist bag, notebook, magical mirror, stockings and shoes Limited Edition: 50 Sets

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