Marie Osmond

Ever since she can remember, Marie Osmond has loved and collected dolls. Being the only girl in the family of 9 siblings, Marie received many dolls at a very young age. One of Marie's fondest childhood memories was sharing her passion for doll collecting with her mother, Olive. As the Osmond Family traveled from country to country on their many world tours, Marie and Olive collected dolls from all over the world.

Adora My Friends
Product ID : MO.10569
Adora Belle- Lively Lucy
Product ID : MO.10023
Tiny Tot - Rose Marie
Product ID : MO.8148
Baby Olive In The Seasons
Product ID : mo.130411
Bold Woman Who Lived In A Shoe
Product ID : mo.130410
Baby Eden-22nd Anniversary Toddler
Product ID : mo.130404
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Kissy A Frog
Product ID : mo.130414
Adora Belle AB (American Bandstand
Product ID : mo.130406
Product ID : mo.130402
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Red Velvet
Product ID : mo.130401
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