Adora Dolls are truly a work of heart! They love what they do and hope it shows. Each handmade Adora doll starts with an irresistible face, delightful costume and no detail is over looked. Adora puts extra emphasis on the quality of their dolls which are carefully checked for quality no less than twenty-four times during the production process.

ToddlerTime - Hearts Aflutter
Product ID : ADO.217905
ToddlerTime - Bubba Bear
Product ID : ADO.217904
ToddlerTime - Jolie
Product ID : ADO.217903
ToddlerTime - Little Dreamer
Product ID : ADO.217902
ToddlerTime - Macaraccoon
Product ID : ADO.217901
ToddlerTime - Sweet Sundae Outfit Only
Product ID : ado.20015014
ToddlerTime - Balancing Act Outfit Only
Product ID : ado.20015016
ToddlerTime - Butterfly Kisses Outfit Only
Product ID : ado.20015015
ToddlerTime - Sugar Rush
Product ID : ado.20015006
ToddlerTime - Rainbow Sherbet
Product ID : ado.20015001